Goalkeeper Training (7-17)

For the most specialized player on the field, the Total Soccer GK Zone (GKZ) offers a variety of training programs to fit the goalkeeper's unique needs. The purpose of this specialized training is to allow goalkeepers to receive the special attention that is often lacking in the typical team training session. Goalkeepers will be immersed into a truly unique environment.  An environment that is:

1. A Union of GK's- A support group of fellow goalkeepers that encourage each other and push each other to higher levels.

2. Feedback NOT Judgement- The only defintion of success in the GKZ program is whether or not your player is enjoying themself and improving. Comparisons to other players, teams and clubs are a non-factor. However they will receive extreme amounts of feedback and coaching points.

3. Small Ratio- All players that train in the GK Zone will receive the specialzied attention they require based on our comittment to a maximum player to coach ratio of 6:1 in every session.

How does it work?

GK training sessions run year-round. There is no beginning or end date to the program, so players can begin training at anytime! Players are placed into one of our five class types from the chart below.

Class Type Birth Year
GK 1 2009-2008
GK 2 2007-2006
GK 3 2005-2004
GK 4 2003-2000





All sessions are Co-Ed and 60-minutes in length

The scheduling of GK classes is one of our most unique attributes:

-Sessions available almost daily- Login/Register to see the current class schedule
-You are NOT locked into a weekly schedule
-Book online or from our mobile app at your convenience
-Cancel or schedule sessions the day of training
-Schedules will adjust seasonally based on availability

What you need to begin

1. An active package or membership of sessions
2. A Total Soccer account

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