The C.O.R.E Program (5-17)

The Program

Our small group training program, known as C.O.R.E, features a customized curriculum we've developed and evolved throughout our ten plus years of training to help our players reach their full potential. The C.O.R.E method is centered around giving players fundamental technical ability, and then progressing to the mastery of technique through our five class levels.

With our small player to coach ratio, we've designed the program to feel like a private lesson with just enough players in each group to provide the necessary amount of pressure for functional game scenarios.  

Training sessions will vary in regard to topic, but the main emphasis will always be developing comfort on the ball. Topics include passing, dribbling, shooting, moves, turns, first touch, finishing...etc.

How does it work?


C.O.R.E training sessions run year-round. There is no beginning or end date to the program, so players can begin training at anytime! Players are placed into one of our five class types from the chart below.

Class Type Birth Year
Pre-CORE 2012-2010
CORE 1 2009-2008
CORE 2 2007-2006
CORE 3 2005-2004
CORE 4 2003-2000





All sessions are Co-Ed and 60-minutes in length

The scheduling of C.O.R.E classes is one of our most unique attributes:

-Sessions available almost daily- Login/Register to see the current class schedule
-You are NOT locked into a weekly schedule
-Book online or from our mobile app at your convenience
-Cancel or schedule sessions the day of training
-Schedules will adjust seasonally based on availability

What you need to begin

1. A Total Soccer account
2. An active package or membership of sessions