Below you will find helpful information and answers to common questions we have received over the years. Before you contact us, please review the information first, your question might already be answered.  If you need more information than what is available here, contact us.

What's the difference between a Total Soccer membership and package?

Benefits of a Membership

  • Lowest cost per session
  • Monthly payments

Benefits of a Package

  • Sessions only expire after 1 year
  • Increased flexibilty in scheduling as sessions are only counted when used.
Can I sign up for training online?


We have an online site that allows you to purchase a package of sessions, pay your bill, and schedule your sessions. You can also cancel and reschedule classes up to 24 hours before the start of your session. All you have to do is click on the "Login/Register" link at the top right hand side of the website and choose your location to get started.


What if I have to cancel a session?

To cancel a session, simply log into your account up to 24 hours before your scheduled session and cancel the session that you are scheduled to attend.  To cancel a class within 24 hours of it's start time, you must call or email the office.

Will I always have the same trainer?

There are a variety of staff members used for training. Typically we follow a schedule where the same trainer works the same hours through a season. We encourage players to be open to new views but also understand the value of consistency. 

Do you offer sibling discounts?


We offer a 10% discount for both children's training package, if they are purchased at the same time. For families with 3 or more children, we offer a 15% discount for all packages purchased at the same time. 

Do you offer team discounts?


We offer a 10% discount on the first registration for players coming from the same team (5 player minimum).  We also offer FREE team demos for teams visiting the Total Soccer Academy for the first time.  Call or email for more details.

Is there a start and end date to the CORE program?


Classes begin on the day of your first session and end the day of your last session. For the best results, we recommend being able to commit to a minimum of 1 session/week, for 12 weeks.

What are the class sizes for the C.O.R.E. training programs?

The player to coach ratio will never exceed 6:1 for Pre-C.O.R.E. through C.O.R.E. 3. The main emphasis of the C.O.R.E. program is to give every player the individual attention they need to improve quickly.  It is common that the player to coach ratio will exceed 6:1 in C.O.R.E. 4 classes, as we need more players to address the needs of high school and high level players.

Will my child be placed in a group with other players of similar age and ability?


Players are initially placed in age appropriate groups. Upon further evaluation from the TSA staff, we can recommend classes or groups that will more appropriately meet that player's specific needs.

Do I have to commit to a particular day of the week?


C.O.R.E. classes are offered daily which allows you to pick a schedule that fits your changing needs, even if your schedule changes weekly.  Our unique scheduling system will ensure that your child never misses an opportunity to use all of their sessions.

What equipment does my child need in order to participate in a C.O.R.E. class?

Each player will be given a FREE Total Soccer Academy t-shirt, which should be worn at each session. Players will also need shin guards, a water bottle, and shoes (cleats, indoors, or turf shoes are appropriate).

Will the sessions be catered to my child's specific needs?


Each player's development will be based on our age-appropriate C.O.R.E. curriculum. Additionally, due to the small player-to-coach ratio, the TSA staff has the ability to address the specific needs of each player in the group during any class. Private lessons are also available upon request.

Does Total Soccer have a customer loyalty/rewards program?


Through our customer loyalty partner, Perkville.com, all Total Soccer clients automatically earn points (Perks) by having an email address on file with us.  To redeem these "Perks", go to www.perkville.com, and enter your email address to confirm your account and redeem or monitor your "Perks". "Perks" cannot be used for Team Training, and up to 1000 points can be redeemed towards Residential Camps.

Does Total Soccer have a club affiliation?


Total Soccer is a "club neutral" organization, meaning that we exist to support the local clubs and their players, not compete with them.  Our programs are designed to help individual players, so that they can return to their club teams with improved skill and confidence.  Additionally, Total Soccer policy prohibits our coaches from recruiting players that  we train, or encouraging them to leave their teams.