Experience the game within the game!

Total Soccer's 3v3 program takes training to a whole new level! In line with U.S. soccer development initiatives, 3v3 or small-sided training is proven to be one of the most beneficial types of training practiced wordwide. Our coaching staff will draw on years of playing and coaching experience to provide an environment where the individual and team can excel. In a 3v3 format players will learn all the fundamentals of a full-sided game broken down into a fast paced small-sided environment.


  • Faster pace making transition to full-sided play much easier
  • Constant involvement forcing quick decisions
  • Movement off of the ball
  • Advanced combination play
  • Defending as a small group

    Session 1 Final Standings
    Session 2 Final Standings

    Ages 8-10: 1st Place Carter Ferrese (right), 2nd Place Mason Sharp (left)

    Ages 8-10    
    Player W-L-T PTS
    Carter Ferrese 9-4-3 30
    Mason Sharp 8-6-3 27
    Manuel Prem 7-2-2 23
    Zachary Martinoli 6-7-3 21
    Brady Sharp 6-7-3 21
    Jackson Loeffler 6-7-3 21
    Brady Ferrese 5-6-2 17
    Tyler Martinoli 1-8-1 4

    Ages 11-13:1st Place Anna Goldkamp (right), 2nd Place Katie McLaughlin (left)

    Ages 11-13    
    Player W-L-T PTS
    Anna Goldkamp
    Katie McLaughlin 9-6-1 28
    Jennifer Michinok 7-5-1 22
    Emily Olsen 6-4-1 19
    Ashley Burkett 6-8-1 19
    Lily Fry 6-6-0 18
    Abby McDonald 5-7-1 16
    Megan Uebele 3-6-1 10
    Hadley Levinson 0-9-0 0

    It Doesn't Stop There!
    Summer Teams
    With this program, players also have the opportunity to create their own summer tournament team. Team training will start two weeks prior to the first tournament. The maximum roster size is 6 for 3v3 tournaments. The 3v3 team will compete at the age group of the oldest player on the roster. We are accepting all age groups, U8-U18, male and female.
    Training Locations
  • Total Soccer- Downingtown/Warminster/Telford
  • Outdoor locations available by request