About Us

Welcome to Total Soccer! Total Soccer is a private organization with no specific club or community affiliation. We have serviced thousands of players from numerous clubs and communities for over a decade. We have a wide array of programs in which we are the industry leader and we continue to stay on the cutting edge of training and philosophy.

Total Soccer is the one singular place a player can play without any implied pressure. It's rare that players get to play 'street soccer' or neighborhood pick up games. It is unfortunate because that is where players have the opportunity to explore and develop themselves as players. A players' only outlet is organized team practice where the coach rules and the player needs to fall into line. 

  • Where is the freedom to make mistakes?
  • Where is exploring and testing new ideas?
  • Where is playing without fear?

Total Soccer is the unique opportunity to fail your way to success! In the unfortunate environment of result oriented youth soccer, coaches too often do not have time play players 'out of position' or attempt tactics that might put the team out of their comfort zone. At Total Soccer we thrive on players being uncomfortable but feeling good about themselves. We want players to go home and keep working on something they almost got during their session. 

Whether the player is 3 years old or 18, whether the player is on the National team or plays recreationally, the principles are always the same. 

  • Develop a love for learning
  • Take pride in the process of self improvement
  • Players play because it's fun, and it's most fun when they feel empowered...
Total Soccer is able to deliver a truly unique experience through its' training specific facilities, relationships with the local soccer community and a highly motivated and trained staff. We look forward to a rewarding relationship with you!