Customer Loyalty Program

Earning Rewards Made Simple!

How Do I Get Started?
All Total Soccer customers are automatically signed up for a rewards account based on the email address you have provided us. You’ll receive an invitation to join our rewards program the first time you earn points. 

Your points will automatically start accumulating points based on certain earning activites. Once you earn enough points for a reward, you can redeem them on and bring in a voucher to use as payment.

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How You Earn
You can easily earn reward points by referring a friend, tweeting, attending a session, checking in on Facebook, and making a purchase!

Refer A Friend- +50pts
Tweet About Us- +10pts
Session Attended- +5pts
Visitor Check In- +5pts
$1 Spent- +1pts




How Do I Redeem?
you can track your points online from your computer or smartphone. Once you earn enough points, you can redeem those points for your reward and receive a voucher to use as payment.


$15 Credit-  500pts
$40 Credit-  1000pts
$100 Credit-  2000pts



How Do I Use?
You can use your perks by either bringing in a printed copy or showing the voucher on your phone.