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Ryder Saginario Total Soccer Member
Favorite Team: Real Madrid Favorite Player: Cristiano Ronaldo

Ryder Saginario

Total Soccer Member

Ryder was diagnosed as autistic at two years old. The one activity that
allowed him to connect with people and communicate was soccer. Soon after his first season playing rec-league soccer we realized Ryder had a real love for the game and a desire to play as often as possible. To that end, we decided to get Ryder involved with the folks at Total Soccer. Ryder has been a "student" at Total Soccer for more than two years. Currently he attends 2-3 sessions per week. We credit the excellent instructors at Total Soccer for a great deal of his development, both athletically and socially. The staff are all excellent communicators and the lessons they develop and lead, such as intense ball handling and shooting drills, have really helped improve Ryder's game. We like that Total Soccer provides a small group environment where players get a lot of individual attention.

Ryder currently plays for the Penn Fusion U10 Elite team. Ryder was also chosen to participate in Philadelphia Union Juniors training program. Ryder has been a member of the Total Soccer Summer Select program and looks forward to playing again in the summer of 2017!


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