Invitational Elite Training Group



What is it?

Many of our players have gone through hundreds of hours of training and have made leaps and bounds as technical players. In order to make continued gains they need a specific curriculum that requires great coaching and highly skillful training partners. Invitational Elite Training Group is an exclusive training group taken through technical exercises by our most elite coaches.


As players progress our goals become more difficult to reach. In order push through plateaus not only do we need great coaches but also great players! This is why I've developed the Invitational Elite Program.

Why now?

I've always taken pride in being inclusive to everyone and that has worked well. However, as our training methods evolve having players specific to the curriculum will allow for players to stay at a lightning fast pace.

Who is accepted?

1. Development Academy Players

2. ECNL Players

3. ODP Players

4. Players I have assesed

I'm using these basic benchmarks as a starting point. I am fully aware there are great players not within these guidlines, I'm simply painting a profile of who we are looking for. If you feel this is a good fit for you I wlll just need to see you in a CORE class prior to starting.

What if I'm not accpeted?

If we decide this is not the right fit for you we will come up with an effective plan to get you ready for this group. A combination of private training and CORE classes.

What will we work on?

The purpose of putting like-minded players together is to use each other to get better. There will be lots of high level techinical work and small sided games. We are making the assupmtion you havea good grasps on the fundamentals and are concerning ourselves simply on how to bring the techinque to our matches!