Total Speed Clinic

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The foundation on which we build our soccer skills is built upon our athletic ability. The Total Speed program will enhance your player's ability to perform and execute every soccer skill with speed quickness and precision!

A note from Ryan Connor:

Hello everyone! My name is Ryan Connor, I have been a performance coach for 6 years now and focused on developing area athletes to be the best they can be. Over the past 6 years I have helped teams of various sports including soccer elevate their average team speed, and assisted individual athletes in showcase and combine prep to allow them to stand out at these events. I am extremely excited to help bring a component of speed to Total Soccer that is unmatched in the area. If you decide to participate in any speed training here I just want you to know the health and happiness of the athletes I work with is my number one priority at all times.

Training Expectations

Athletes participating in this training program will focus on making positive mechanical changes to their movement skills and coordination in order to enhance speed.  We will be looking at all aspects that apply to speed including mobility restrictions, lower body power, and optimal mechanics. Our warm up will address individual weak points that will be assessed on a session to session basis. 
What to expect: faster acceleration or first step speed, improved cutting and change of direction skills, higher top end speed, a larger speed reserve to tap into than their opponents, and CONFIDENCE to perform.

This program will be biased towards the individual as all shapes and sizes and limb lengths require different movement strategies for enhancement, and improvement will be monitored with video analysis which will include progress reports and simple drills to work on outside of scheduled training sessions.  

Let's meet Ryan Connor, click here to learn more: See his full bio here.

Session Outline:

Ground Based Mobility/Activation – 10 minutes

-Increase capacity of joint range of motion, activate muscle groups necessary for speed.

Dynamic Warm Up – 10 minutes

-Prepare to sprint, low speed timing and synchronization practice

Linear or Lateral Transition Speed Development – 20 minutes

-High quality, high speed, long recovery focused skill work in either linear or lateral speed. Individualized instruction based on video/visual breakdown

Performance Strength – 15 minutes

-Basic strength movements that first mitigate potential injury, and secondarily positively contribute to speed.

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  • Total Speed Clinic Schedule
    Total Soccer: Warminster
    Total Speed 1: 7-11 Years Old: Wednesdays: July 29, August 5, 12, 19, 26, September 2: 7-8pm 

    Total Speed 2: 12+ Years Old: Wednesdays: July 29, August 5, 12, 19, 26, September 2: 8-9pm