Premier Soccer Training For Kids

soccer training for kids montgromery county

Total Soccer, the premier athletics training organization of Montgomery County and Bucks County, focuses on the physical and technical development of young aspiring soccer players to help them reach their athletic potential. With soccer classes for kids as young as two years old, we believe in the benefits of teaching game-defining basics by encouraging discipline and respect for the coaches, fellow players, and the sport itself - all while building social competencies essential to any successful soccer player and human being, on and off the field.

Soccer Starters Program

Our Soccer Starters program is aimed at providing best-in-class soccer training for your kids. A perfect introduction to soccer basics, children learn the fundamental skills needed to progress as players, while gaining valuable experience in teamwork, sportsmanship, and physical fitness. Our program is available in every season, running in six-week intervals. Enjoy our outdoor locations during the summer months, and join us inside when it's cold.

Jr. Soccer Starters (2 Years Old)

Our Junior Soccer Starters program provides soccer classes for kids as young as two years old. A perfect introduction to the sport, we promote fine and gross motor skill development and a strong foundation in physical fitness to enhance the retainable muscle memories of your child's most crucial years of development. Children in this age group develop the ability to follow directions and face the challenges of early problem-solving. Be there with your child to celebrate and discover the joy and excitement of the early successes and milestone achievements.

Soccer Starters 1 (3 and 4 Years Old)

Get their feet moving!

We know the importance of engagement in the learning process - it’s essential to first get kids interested and motivated before they can to absorb the necessary lessons involved in our soccer training programs. Thematic games and fun exercises are designed to inspire and challenge young players, but also allow them to meet with successes that keep them interested in learning more. Learning the fundamentals, and developing a love for the game starts here.

Kids that start with us have a real advantage as they mature. We believe it is our duty and privilege to get your kids started off right and develop a passion for the game that will last a lifetime. Instructor ratios are kept small to ensure each child gets their much needed individual attention.

Soccer Starters 2 (5 and 6 Years Old)

Through instructional gameplay and moves taught in our Skill Builders Curriculum, participants will refine body awareness/movement, reinforce social and listening skills, and build on the concept of team play and cooperation in preparation for the jump to our C.O.R.E. program.

What they learn:

  • Advanced skills that can be utilized in small sided games.
  • How to refine body awareness and movement.
  • The concept of team play.
  • Social and listening skills.

Total Soccer Philosophy

We believe in the comprehensive benefits of sports training, specifically soccer training, for kids who want to learn the sport and take their skills to the next level. For parents interested in our programs, please see the below locations in Montgomery County and Bucks County to see which facility best fits your needs.

Indoor Locations:

Warminster, PA
Collegeville, PA

Outdoor Locations:

Bush Park
Christopher Doc
Holicong Park
Kohler Park
Warwick Community Park
Wentz Run Park

Enroll Your Kids Today

Each and every day, we are excited for the opportunity to continue offering soccer training programs for kids in the Greater Philadelphia area. Contact us today for enrollment information and to learn more about Total Soccer’s commitment to bettering your child’s athletic future!