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Unlimited Training: Summer 2020

Load up on training and pay only 1 price!

  • Up to 70 classes offered per age group this Summer
  • 10 weeks: $300 start any time. Package begins upon purchase
  • 8 weeks: $280 
  • 6 weeks: $240 
  • Use credits from interupted programs due to Covid-19
  • Train in every CORE class offered at your age group, book classes online!
  • Choose your preferred coaches from our highly licensed staff
  • At least 4 sessions offered per week 
  • 12 weeks of new topics of focus: Week 1. Ball mastery   2. Ball Striking 3. 1v1 Moves  4. 1st Touch 5.  Passing  6. 1st Defender  7. Playing w/back to goal  8. Switching the point of attack  9. Evasive dribbling 10. Striking a bending ball 11. Open space dribbling 12. Receiving out of the air 


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    • Your package is good for 3, 6 or 12 months depending on which package you choose. 
    • Sessions are counted as they are attended.
    • You book classes based on when they are offered and your availability.
    • Choose the class based on your age group.

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