Total Soccer Workshop

Spring into Total Soccer with our FREE workshop event! Activities include trial training sessions, seminars, local vendors, program info, giveaways, and more! 

Date: March 25th
Time: 12-3pm
Location: Total Soccer Warminster

Soccer Starters Training Session- Ages 2-6

Our Soccer Starters program is the perfect introduction to soccer basics. Learn the fundamental skills needed to progress as a soccer player, while gaining valuable experience in teamwork, sportsmanship, and physical fitness.


Core Training Session- Ages 5-17

Our flagship program that offers high end technical training in a small group format with players the same age and ability. Perfect for players that need tons of touches and repetition controlling the ball. Start to dominate the ball by learning the detail behind technique in dribbling, passing and shooting.


Goalkeeper Training Session- Ages 5-17

Our goalkeeper program works in small groups with players of the same age and ability. Learn how to handle the ball, shot stop, dive, and punt to name a few areas. The perfect supplement at an often-overlooked position.


Player Analysis Guided Experience- Ages 5-17

Take part in a guided trial experience with one of our professional staff memebers. Meet our staff, discuss your goals, get tested using top of the line training aids, receive feedback on your game, and set a plan of action!


College Recruiting Seminar

Learn the recruiting process of a collegiate soccer player! Delaware Valley University Men's Head Coach Chris Zirpoli will be present for an interactive seminar session. Chris will provide great insight and information into what coaches are looking for in a prospect, how to get noticed, deciding which school is right for you, and being a successful student-athlete.


Sports Performance Seminar

Inner-Edge sports psychology performance coach David Kazakevich discusses the importance of the mind as it relates to peak performance. Understand the direct connection between body and mind in bringing your game to the next level!


Fitness Training Session- Ages 5-17

Branch Fitness Academy owner Mike Branch brings the energy with a soccer fitness training session! Branch Fitness Academy is an industry leader in athletic performance. Mike is a certified personal trainer with a proven track record of preparing athletes for their sport. Learn focused strengthening exercises to improve speed and quickness with and without the ball.


Misoccer Training Session- Ages 5-17

Total Soccer owner Evren Asral will take you through an exclusive session of our online home-based soccer training system, Misoccer! Learn Evren's top 10 technical moves included in the progressive skills training system designed to help develop ball control, improve foot speed, and encourage creative play. Walk away from the session with your first month FREE!


Effective Coaching Seminar

Learn the tools of successful soccer coaches! Great soccer coaches at any level all follow several base principles. Our Total Soccer senior staff will provide great information in getting the most out of your team, developing a culture, and coaching education at the club, high school, collegiate, and professional levels.


Ball Striker Training Session- Ages 5-17

A step by step break down of the technique behind one of the most sought-after skills! Striking for power, accuracy, and consistency within a variety of game-like scenarios. Striking with different surfaces of the foot will also be covered. A few minor changes will make a big difference!