Summer Select Wrap-Up

Summer Select Wrap-Up

Congratulations to all of our players on outstanding summer seasons! A special thanks to all the coaches, parents, and volunteers that made this summer a success. We are pleased to be able to offer this program for another year as it provides players an excellent opportunity to maintain a competitive game and training environment when they are outside of the traditional club team schedule.

Season Highlights

Central Jersey Invitational Boys U11 Champions
Total Soccer Elite
Coach: Ike Onyeador
Roster: Rhett Bower, Ryan Hinkle, Alexander Lamb, Ryan Mathis, Cole McKendrick, Connor Northcott, Alexander Rist, Harrison Ritts, Ryder Saginario, David Sierra, Patrick Sinnott, Sebastian Wilford


Pocono Cup Premier Boys U10 Champions
Total Soccer FC Dynamo
Coach: Nick Mascione
Roster: Miller Kahmar, Patrick McGinley, Zachary Older, Ryan Polumbo, Grayson Rockhill, Timothy Rodgers, Brennan Trautmann


Central Jersey Invitational Boys U8 Champions
Total Soccer FC United
Coach: Zach Miller
Roster: Cullen Barnett, Charles Criss, Vincent Kurz, Sam Link, Thomas Marschall, Brandon McGrogan, Hudson Rockhill, Xiuyuan Zhang

"TSA provided the foundation for my son & daughter to master the technical and tactical aspects of soccer. I could not be happier with their development at TSA. Excellent training staff! Highly recommend!!" -John C
"My 16 year old son has been training at Total Soccer since he was 5. It is hard to overstate the impact this has had on his confidence, self esteem, technical skills and love of the game. Total Soccer lives up to its name. It really is TOTAL training, from head to toes, in every technical and strategic aspect of soccer. The quality of the coaching is outstanding at every level - from the tiny Soccer Starters to the top level, college-bound high school seniors. Every class keeps all of the athletes fully engaged for the whole time and provides opportunities for individual, one-on-one and group drills and scrimmage. We are incredibly grateful to Total Soccer for providing our son with such a solid foundation of technical skills and love for the game. We recommend it without reservation." - Josh K
"I’ve been coming to Total Soccer since a young age, and am currently 13. My opinion is that it is very beneficial as a soccer player. All of the coaches are encouraging, and push you to get better. Of my time here, I’ve seen nothing but improvement in my foot skills and tactical awareness." - Cindy D
"Total Soccer has provided the foundation for my daughter to take her game to a whole new level. The trainers are able to provide 1:1 support to improve a player's skillset within a session, that would normally take a season to see results. We could not be any happier and always take advantage of their cost effective programs to keep my daughter sharp throughout the year. A++ in our book!" - Sharyn F