6 Tips for Buying Soccer Cleats for Your Child

6 Tips for Buying Soccer Cleats for Your Child

Your child has fallen in love with soccer, and you want to ensure they have the best experience on and off the field. However, it can be confusing knowing which equipment your young soccer player needs. More specifically, how do you choose good soccer cleats for your child?

We’re here to take away some of the mystery of buying kids’ soccer shoes. Follow these tips to find the perfect pair of soccer cleats.

Consider the Size

Children are constantly growing, which means you’re used to purchasing shoes that are a size or two bigger than they need. When it comes to soccer cleats, this guideline holds true as well. You’ll need to choose a size that has a balance between comfort and extra space. If you need to, you can add an insole layer to the shoe or have your child wear an extra pair of socks to help the shoe fit until your little soccer player grows into it more.

Choose a Soccer Cleat Based on Your Child’s Position

Your child’s soccer position will play a role in the cleats that you choose. If they play multiple positions, they’ll need a shoe that is versatile. Here are some tips for choosing soccer cleats for kids based on position:

  • Defenders should wear cleats with extra protection.
  • Forwards benefit from a cleat that is lightweight so they can make quick movements.
  • Midfielders need cleats that are super comfortable and allow for ultimate control on the field.
  • Wingers are like forwards in that they need a light cleat that allows quick changes of motion.
  • Goalkeepers need cleats that offer a lot of traction and have a large strike zone for precise kicks.

Select a Pair Based on Field Type

A child playing soccer on artificial turf will need a different kind of cleat than a child playing indoors. Here’s how the surface determines the type of youth soccer cleats you should buy:

  • Grass fields require firm ground soccer cleats. These types of soccer shoes come with studs that provide excellent traction on the field.
  • Fields with artificial turf also call for firm ground soccer cleats. However, you may notice that some soccer shoes for kids specifically say they are designed for artificial ground. Either type will work well for your child.
  • If your child is going to be playing indoors, cleats designed with a flat rubber outsole are ideal. These shoes grip the hard surface and allow for quick changes in direction.

Consider the Materials

For young athletes, soccer cleats made of synthetic material are the best option. Shoes for soccer are meant to be snug on your child’s foot, and a shoe made with synthetic materials will hold its shape better. Cleats with leather uppers tend to stretch as they are worn, losing the support your child needs.

Ask Their Coach

If you’re still unsure which type of soccer cleat is best for your child, ask their coach for advice. They’ve had years of experience on the field themselves and understand exactly what your young soccer player needs.

Signs It’s Time to Get Your Kid New Soccer Cleats

Just as important as knowing which soccer cleats to buy your kid is knowing when it’s time to throw them in the trash. Here are some telltale signs your child needs new soccer shoes:

  • Your child’s feet have outgrown the old pair.
  • Your child complains that the shoes hurt his or her feet.
  • The cleats are stretched out or falling apart.
  • The cleats are no longer holding traction.
  • It’s hard to tie the shoelaces.
  • The shoes are giving off an odor that won’t go away.

Ready for Success

Once your child has a new pair of cleats, they will be well on their way to achieving their dreams of becoming a professional soccer player. In addition to buying the right soccer shoes, you can set them up for success by hiring a personal soccer training coach. Their private coach will work with them one-on-one, giving them pointers unique to their abilities.

If you’re interested in private lessons or summer soccer camps in Philadelphia, reach out to Total Soccer today. We’ll help your young soccer player strive for their dreams.

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