Why Choose Total Soccer

Total Soccer inspires it's players to...

  • Take pride in the process of learning
  • Take ownership of their development
  • Become the greatest version of themself
Taking pride in the process of learning is setting players up for not only success on the field filed but off of it as well.  Once we can educate players to not rate themself on the number of goals they've scored but rather the quality in their play, we can then begin the process of learning.  Just like the in the classroom, where is it the test that matters most or the process of learning a variety of information along the way?  At Total Soccer we take pride in the baby steps.  There is no final exam, there is only each step that is taken after the other.
Taking ownership of their development  is difference between players that will ultimately fail or succeed.  Total Soccer is a rare and unique environment where the individual player IS the focal point and NOT the team.  Our training staff is not in a position to dictate playing time or pass judgments. They are 100% in a position of guidance. This means your player's time here is about them and no one else. Why is this important?  When a player has their own time to work on different aspects of the game they get to own all of the credit. This empowers the player to learn more, thus making the game more fun, which is why they wanted to play in the first place! 
Becoming the greatest version of yourself is all we can ever hope to do.  Some players will be born with attributes such as speed, insight and competitive personalities. However, the one attribute no one is born with is TECHNIQUE.  This is exactly what Total Soccer addresses, because it's what everyone needs. The amazing part is that once the technique is addressed, that same player will suddenly experience growth in foot speed, with more comfort they will see the game more clearly and the better they perform the more their confidence and competitiveness they will demonstrate in each game.