4 Important Tips For Young Soccer Players

At Total Soccer’s soccer clinics in Montgomery County, PA,, we teach players a wide range of technical skills during thorough training sessions and drills. Many of the more advanced techniques that we instill into rising high school and college athletes require a deep foundation of base-level fundamentals. Aside from basic dribbling, passing, shooting, and blocking skills, there are a few fundies that have more to do with will-power and philosophy than physical abilities and in-game tactics. Let’s take a closer look at four of the most important tips for young soccer players to hear from parents, coaches, older players, and other role models. 


Yes, most young soccer players have been told a thousand times already that they need to always hustle and play their hardest no matter what. But we all know genuine hustle when we see it, and these days, it’s not as common as it could be — perhaps it’s a messaging issue. At Total Soccer, our seasoned coaches know first-hand how important it is to hustle, and their high-level experience in competitive soccer leagues help them instill this value into young soccer players. 



Another important tip that many young players will roll their eyes at is to respect their coaches and other players on the field. Being a sore loser will not make you a better player, and when you are a good sport whether you win or lose, you can learn more from each game. Instead of gloating in victory and hanging your head in defeat, show respect to your opponents and reflect on what you did right or wrong during that match. 


If you respect your coaches, your fellow teammates, and your opponents, you will learn a lot from each practice and each playing experience. Soccer is like any other school subject or job field; you learn about the game as you spend years competing at various levels. But like school and work, you must be committed to learning and working hard if you want to be great at what you do.


Conditioning is what separates decent teams from great teams. This one works in conjunction with tip number one, hustle, but it deserves its own section because you must hustle off the field too. If soccer is more than a hobby for you, you must put in the work after hours — even when you are not at practice — if you want to distinguish yourself as an elite player. 

Our soccer lessons in Montgomery County are a great way to learn more about these important values — contact us for more information about our youth training programs!