A Guide to Playing Soccer in Cold Weather

Whether you are playing a game in Bucks County or participating in soccer lessons in Montgomery County, it’s important to take a more mindful approach when preparing for action in cold weather. Although the winter hasn’t exactly been frigid this season, chilly conditions are still possible, and the last thing you want to do is hurt yourself on the field because you weren’t prepared for the weather. Let’s take a look at the infographic below listing three tips to help you play safely and strongly in soccer games during cold weather, and then continue reading for more information on each tip:

Infographic offering tips for playing soccer in cold weather

3 Tips for Playing Soccer Games in Cold Weather

1. Make Your “Warm-Up” Routine Count

They don’t call them “warm-ups” for nothing. When you’re getting ready for a big game on a cold day, go a little bit harder during warm-ups to ensure that your body is ready for action in the frigid weather. Now, don’t approach your pregame routine with the same intensity that you will use during the game — they’re still just warm-ups. But be sure to get your body truly “warm” for the chilly competition you are about to face!


2. Dress for the Occasion

When playing soccer in cold weather, there’s nothing wrong with adding some extra layers if you want to play comfortably. Instead of wearing heavy clothing, you should opt for breathable clothes that allow you to move freely. Additionally, dressing in layers will not only keep you warm but help wick away moisture from sweat, as well. Having multiple layers will protect you from the cold and allow you to remove layers as needed.


3. Don’t Forget to Hydrate

When you are exercising outside in the cold, it tends to take a bit longer to start feeling thirsty than if it were hot outside. In order to make sure you are fully hydrated while playing, try to drink water before you even start feeling thirsty, if you can. Don’t drink too much water and make yourself bloated; just make sure you aren’t waiting until you feel thirsty to drink. 


While these are wise tips to keep in mind as you gear up for soccer games in cold weather, there are certainly many other ways to stay comfortable and safe while you play! If you are interested in signing up for indoor soccer training for those below-freezing days, Total Soccer offers indoor soccer classes near Montgomery County that provide everything you need. Contact us today to learn more!