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This is the start of a weekly blog post, CORE Weekly, my goal with this is to touch base with you on a weekly basis and provide some insight on what’s happening with Total Soccer, things to look forward to, new training ideas and concepts and basically anything I feel like talking about as it relates to individual training!

If there are topics or general questions you have please share with me and I will add to future topics of discussion.

I did a radio show this week, you can check it out HERE!

In the show they got me talking about where I got my start and what my inspirations were. It reminded about how I actually developed as a player.

My development as an elite player  is entirely based on the fact I developed a relationship with the soccer ball.  This means I dribbled in the back yard, I made up games like chipping into a garbage can, I played 1v1 against my father. The time I spent with my team was purely to compete NOT to develop. I never expected my club or school coaches to develop me, that was MY job.

Please challenge your players to spend time on their own this week just messing around with the ball, it’s the least they can do for all of time and effort the parents put into this crazy soccer schedule. Here is some inspiration:

10 Footwork Routines Every Player Must Know

Things to check out:

1. Training with the Pro’s

2. President’s Day Clinic

3. Tryout Readiness Clinic

Make Your Move!

Evren Asral