How to Be a Supportive Parent for Your Youth Soccer Player

If you are a parent to a soccer player, your child’s success and experiences have a lot to do with you than the coach. Being a supportive parent will go a long way towards reassuring your youth soccer player and helping them achieve pursue their dream. Most parents want to support their child into becoming an elite soccer player. However, those who have done it know it takes a lot of dedication and patience. Here are some tips to help you navigate the challenging world of raising your youth soccer player.

Set the Best Examples to Model Positive Behavior

Setting the best examples doesn’t require you to be a soccer player. You can always find ways to reinforce positive behavior through working out, self-discipline, commitment, celebrating achievements, and learning how to be patient with others. This is far better support than criticizing teammates, openly doubting the coach, and getting carried away by the competitive atmosphere of the game.

Enjoy Your Child Playing Now

Many parents drown with thoughts of the future. They are constantly worrying about the next level, whether it is high school, the coming season, scholarship, or professional career. The problem with this is you are missing out on the critical steps, which is how your youth soccer player is fairing at the moment. Thinking ahead isn’t wrong, but you should live through your player. Sometimes it helps to just sit back and enjoy each game and moment.

Develop Independence

Children are motivated by the need to prove themselves to their parents and live up to expectations. However, it is essential to cultivate independence and self-confidence by giving up on the mean comments and unrealistic expectations. The goal is to build a healthy self-image and independence, which is crucial for professional athletes.

Encourage Them to Push Harder

Taking risks and working harder to achieve your goals is the difference between soccer players and renowned soccer players. Without the extra push, it will be hard to compete against others giving it more than 100%. Although you shouldn’t push your youth player to extreme levels, encourage them to take realistic risks towards developing their talent. This might mean training harder to improve on-pitch performance.

Don’t Forget the Education Foundation

Soccer isn’t necessarily a foundation on which to build a future for every player. The percentages of youth players that go on to represent their teams in high school, college, and NCAA Division 1 drop significantly through the levels. Ultimately, less than 2% of Division 1 players go on to play soccer professionally. On the other hand, education is the foundation on which your youth soccer player will build their lives. It should be the prime focus.

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