Key Qualities of a World Class Player!

I came across this chart from EPYSA and really loved what it had to say.  Not every player has intentions to be world class, but every player wants to be the best version of themselves. As I look at this chart I notice a overriding theme that world class players are ultimately….RESPONSIBLE!

Responsible for their development as players:

It is not the coaches or parents job to ultimately create high level players. The players themselves must take initiative and spend time working on their craft. Ultimately developing a love affair with the soccer ball.

Responsible to their team:

Playing with guts, playing to benefit those around them, playing not for the individual but for the greater good. This is a character trait that is shared by the very best. They are good because they compete, and sometimes competing means picking up the pieces for your teammates!

Something to think about:

Don’t pack your players bag. Don’t tell set their alarm for the game. Don’t tell them who they are playing against. Don’t buy the expensive cleats until they’ve put 10,000 hours into the old cleats. My point is that players need to develop a sense of ownership and take RESPONSIBILITY over their soccer experience. It will make them the player they want to be!

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