Totaalvoetbal: Breaking down the Dutch Philosophy behind Total Soccer

The Totaalvoetbal philosophy guided Evren Asral, owner of Total Soccer, throughout his soccer playing years, during which he was named Team Captain of the TCNJ Division I soccer team.

But it did not stop there — Totaalvoetbal eventually went on to become the foundation of Evren’s growing business.

For his final college assignment, Evren was tasked to develop a successful business plan. Evren’s business plan was a soccer training facility geared towards instilling Totaalvoetbal in young, aspiring soccer stars.

The name of his business plan? Total Soccer.

What is Totaalvoetbal?

Totaalvoetbal is a Dutch word used to describe a tactical soccer theory that requires all outfield players on a team to be capable of filling any role on the field at any time, outside of goalkeeper. In other words, Totaalvoetbal means you must be versatile and learn to play unfamiliar positions — that is, if you want to win. It is a very physically-and-technically-demanding playing style, which is precisely why it’s a method that’s been proven successful by some of the best national teams throughout history.

Where does Totaalvoetbal come from?

Totaalvoetbal was made famous by the 1974 Netherlands national football team, led by their star player, Johan Cruyff. The Netherlands lost the match to tournament host West Germany, but their “Total Football” playing style dazzled crowds and opposing teams throughout the tournament.

However, the roots go deeper than that, with foundations for Totaalvoetbal being set as early as the 1930s by the Austrian “Wunderteam.” Many even credit the 1930 Austrian National team as being the first to play genuine Totaalvoetbal.

How to Learn Totaalvoetbal

Interested in learning more about Totaalvoetbal, the founding philosophy behind Total Soccer? It’s not easy to learn, but luckily, Total Soccer’s coaching staff is fluent in the Totaalvoetbal playing style. Evren Asral, owner of Total Soccer, is dedicated to instilling this philosophy into young athletes. That’s why he coaches soccer clinics near Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, year round.

Total Soccer’s summer soccer camps in the Montgomery County area have successfully taught Totaalvoetbal to young players for over a decade, so you better start learning soon if you want to keep up!