Train Like the Pros with Premier Goalie Training at Total Soccer

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To be the best, you have to train like the best. That is why we at Total Soccer have created the Total Soccer Goalkeeper Zone (GKZ) in which we pair our youth goalies with expert trainers who understand what it takes to grow as a keeper. With highly focused, small-group sessions, your young keepers will receive the attention they need to flourish.

The GKZ Program

For the most specialized player on the field, the Total Soccer Goalkeeper Zone (GKZ) offers a variety of training programs to fit the goalkeeper's unique needs and help them reach their full potential. Our specialized goalie training allows keepers to get the individual attention that is often lacking in the typical team training session.

In these cutting-edge training sessions, goalkeepers will be immersed into a truly unique environment for the ultimate soccer goalie training atmosphere. This includes:

A Union of Goalkeepers - With a support group of fellow goalkeepers encouraging each other and push each other to higher levels, our keepers work together, not against each other, to improve their skills.

Feedback, not Judgement - The only measure of success in our GKZ program is whether or not your player is enjoying his or herself and is improving. Comparisons to other players, teams, and clubs are a non-factor. In each session, your keeper will receive extreme amounts of feedback and coaching points to make the necessary adjustments to reach a higher level of play.

Small Keeper-to-Coach Ratio - All players that train in the GK Zone will receive the specialized attention they require to make significant improvements. Our commitment to a small player-to-coach ratio is evident in all of our training sessions, and the GKZ is no different.

How It Works

Soccer goalie training runs year-round. There is no beginning or end date for the program, so players can begin training at any time. All sessions are Co-Ed and 60-minutes in length, and players are placed into one of our five class types based on the year you were born.

The scheduling of GK classes is one of our most unique attributes. Sessions are available almost daily. With your Total Soccer account, you can log in to see the current class schedule and select the ones that work best for you. With flexible scheduling, you are never locked into a weekly schedule. You can book online or from our mobile app at your convenience and even cancel or schedule sessions the day of training.

The Total Soccer Difference

At Total Soccer, we train players who genuinely want to take their game to the next level. From our daily youth soccer training in the C.O.R.E. program to our introductory soccer training for younger kids, we focus on developing the skills needed to play at an elite level.

In addition to our summer soccer camps and regularly scheduled soccer classes, our expert trainers also offer private soccer lessons and soccer clinics for individual players and teams looking to make immediate improvements in their game.

For more information on our soccer goalie training or other training options, give us a call today at 877-344-6141.