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At Total Soccer of Charleston, SC, we train kids to be better than they ever thought possible. With a dedicated staff of trainers applying cutting-edge coaching tactics, we do everything in our power to help players reach their full potential.

Through a wide array of training options including daily group sessions with flexible scheduling, private lessons, team training, and more, Total Soccer has options to fit into the schedule of every player in the Charleston area who is serious about taking his or her game to the next level.

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First Timers

Soccer Starters

A perfect introduction to the sport for your youngest athletes, for ages 2-6.


Our unique small group program that gives young athletes a solid foundation.

Private Lessons

Individualized instruction to help your youth athlete succeed.

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Total Soccer of Charleston

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Soccer Starters


Our Soccer Starters program is aimed at providing best-in-class soccer training for your kids. A perfect introduction to soccer basics, children learn the fundamental skills needed to progress as players, while gaining valuable experience in teamwork, sportsmanship, and physical fitness. Our program is available in every season, running in six-week intervals. Enjoy our outdoor locations during the summer months, and join us inside when it’s cold.

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C.O.R.E. (7-18)


Program Description: 

Training sessions will focus on specific topics, but the main emphasis will always be developing comfort with the ball.

60 Minute training session dedicated to all technical aspects of the game. Players will focus on ball striking, 1v1 and ball mastery exercises. The duration of the program is typically 6-8 weeks. You will sign your player up for one of the following:

  • Pre-C.O.R.E.: Ages 7-8
  • C.O.R.E. 1: Ages 9-10
  • C.O.R.E. 2: Ages 11-13
  • C.O.R.E. 3: Ages 14+

Major competences of focus in C.O.R.E. include:

Program Description: 

60 Minute training session that places like minded players together. You must be prepared to move at fast pace and come in with a strong technical foundation. 

You will find two options:

  1. COED group with Owner/Evren Asral
  2. Gender specific class with senior staff coaches

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  • Mondays
  • 6-7pm
  • 8 openings per Cohort

Program Description: For new or younger keepers, building the foundations of proper technique is critical not only to the success of making the save, but also to player safety. The Foundations Program starts with proper footwork, hand position, and shot stopping, and finishes with power diving, distribution, and angle play.

 Day(s): Mondays  Level/Age: 7-10 years old


  • Mondays
  • 7-8pm
  • 8 openings per Cohort
  • $240 for the 6 Week Program

Program Description: For keepers with solid technical foundation that want to progress to the next level, the Development Program is designed to provide technical refinement, improved reactions and decisions, and extended range. The Development Program also teaches keepers how to handle specialized situations such as breakaways and crosses in addition to how to lead a defense. *Recommended for committed goalkeepers 12-14 years old

 Select Day(s): Sundays or Wednesdays  Level/Age: 11-13 years old


    • Mondays
    • 8-9pm
    • 8 openings per Cohort
    • $240 for the 6 Week Program 

    Program Description:

    The Advanced Program will take trained, experienced keepers, and add explosive power and range to cover more area of the goal, minor technical adjustments to consistently make better decisions, and confidence to dominate the goal area on high balls and crosses. This program will also teach the advanced keeper how to continue training to maintain and improve the specialized speed and fitness required by high level goalkeepers.
    *Recommended for seasoned goalkeepers 14 years and older

  • Select Day(s): Mondays
    Level/Age: 14+ years old


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Are you looking to sharpen your soccer skills but can’t seem to find an organization with programs that fit your needs? Total Soccer in Charelston, SC, offers numerous soccer clinics and soccer classes throughout the year that focus on certain areas of the game so you can keep training even when school is out of session. Whether a player is three years old or 18 years old, we have soccer clinics for players of all ages and all skills levels.



U10-U11: 6-7pm

U12-U13: 7-8pm

U14+: 8-9pm

LOCATION: Total Soccer: 4859 Seewee Rd, Awendaw, SC 29429

Instructor: Evren Asral

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Set to begin in September 2021, the focus of this clinic is to create the proper training environment for repitition on ball-striking.  A step by step break down of the technique behind striking the ball for power is necessary to see vast improvements with this important technical skill within the game.  Striking with different surfaces of the feet will also be covered within a variety of game-like scenarios for players to repeat for success.  Join us and bring your best goal-scoring celebrations!

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A 6-week course dedicated to teaching players the necessary concepts to beating their defender. Each week will focus on a specific technical area designed to give your player a more aggressive and confident approach when it comes to attack minded play!

Week 1: Moves you need to know
Week 2: Dribbling for speed
Week 3: Playing w/Back to Goal
Week 4: Dribbling Laterally
Week 5: Shooting off the dribble
Week 6: Recapping the first 5 weeks

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The Tight Ball Control Clinic focuses on the ability to be able to maneuver out of tight spaces on the field. We focus on advanced techniques that allow for the player to get out of those sticky situations along with encouraging creativity on the ball

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The focus of this clinic is to prepare players for their upcoming tryouts with a demanding curriculum that is designed to sharpen technical skills.  1st touch, 1v1 moves, passing/receiving, speed and agility, ball-striking are all the technical components that will be covered in these sessions.  Confidence-building will be a key portion of the clinic that will allow players to showcase their talents in their tryout season.  A written evaluation is included.

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The Total Speed clinic is designed to enhance specific soccer movements such as acceleration, jumping, changing direction, quicker feet, etc. Join us and get faster!

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When school is out, Total Soccer is in! Spend the day with us training, competing, and having fun with the areas top trainers! Full day runs from 9-3pm with lunch being provided for FREE! Half day options 9-12pm are also available.

Charleston Private Lesson Details

Cancellation Policy: 

If you are planning to cancel a private session, you must give a 24 hour notice via email during the work week.  If appropriate notice is not given, a $55 fee will be charged.

Charleston speed

Total Speed is a progressive, athlete training system designed to improve all aspects of sprint training including acceleration and top speed mechanics as well as agility, footwork, and proper change of direction training to decrease the likelihood of injury. Soccer-specific strength training will help improve your athlete’s relative and absolute body strength and take athleticism to the next level!

Designed for players age 7-10 (Total Speed 1), 11-13 (Total Speed 2) and 14+ (Total Speed 3). We also offer our own programs, private lessons, specialty clinics and team training.



Total Soccer provides team training for boys and girls teams of all ages. Our coaching staff will draw on years of playing and coaching experience to provide an environment where the individuals, as well as the team can excel. Parents and players can be confident that their team will receive high-quality training, according to an age-specific curriculum where the players will learn to master the physical, mental, tactical and technical areas of the game.
Indoor: $135/hr- Includes 1 trainer and field rental

Outdoor: $85/hr- Includes 1 trainer

*For 90-minute rates or additional staff, please email INFO@TOTALSOCCER.US
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2. Fill out the informational form
3. A Total Soccer representative will connect with you by the next business day.

Compete at Total Soccer Charleston

Charleston Futsal

Total Soccer brings to you our developmental training and playing indoor winter program. We see futsal as a needed supplement to your training regimen with its proven results and unique style of play. Our program is a supplement to every player and club, with the ultimate goal being to use futsal as a means to improve each players outdoor game. From training, to teams and tournaments, our program has something to offer for everyone!


The space between your Fall and Spring season is critical time to develop your players’ technical abilities. This is the perfect opportunity to hear a new voice and let a professionally licensed futsal instructor take the lead for a few weeks. A combination of instruction, training and competition is the perfect compliment to your Fall and Spring season.


Why choose Total Soccer Futsal? Because we do it BEST! How? Professional Coaches-Intensive Program-Player Feedback-Futsal Specific Curriculum. Futsal allows the Total Soccer staff to work with your player on fast paced technical skills in a competitive environment where we can give feedback not only on their skills but their decision making as well!

Tryout Information

Date: 10/14/23

Location: Tryouts will be held at our facility in King of Prussia (480 W. Swedesford Rd. Berwyn, PA 19312).

Cost: Tryouts are FREE!


  • Girls: 2015, 2014, 2013: 4-5pm
  • Boys: 2015, 2014, 2013: 5-6pm
  • Girls: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009: 6-7pm
  • Boys: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009: 7-8pm

We will make every effort for each team to be competitive and true to its age group. Each team will have a professionally licensed head coach. Roster sizes will be 8 players.


If you would like to keep your current travel team together, please join us as a team. Email us at for more information.


Training will take place at Greater Plymouth Community Center (2910 Jolly Rd, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462). Saturdays between 4-8pm. December 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
January 6, 13, 20.

  • 2015 Girls: 4-5pm
  • 2014 Girls: 4-5pm
  • 2013 Girls: 4-5pm
  • 2012 Girls: 4-5pm
  • 2015 Boys: 5-6pm
  • 2014 Boys: 5-6pm
  • 2013 Boys: 5-6pm
  • 2012 Boys: 5-6pm
  • 2011 Girls: 6-7pm
  • 2010 Girls: 6-7pm
  • 2009 Girls: 6-7pm
  • 2011 Boys: 7-8pm
  • 2010 Boys: 7-8pm
  • 2009 Boys: 7-8pm


Teams will compete in the three events listed below:

January 7: Glenn Mills School
January 15: United Sports and Competitive Edge
Jan 27-28: Glenn Mills School


$500 per player, includes training facility, professional coaching and tournaments.

Uniforms from last season Futsal and Summer Select can be used, new ones can be purchased at an additional cost, approximately $30.

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"TSA provided the foundation for my son & daughter to master the technical and tactical aspects of soccer. I could not be happier with their development at TSA. Excellent training staff! Highly recommend!!" -John C
"My 16 year old son has been training at Total Soccer since he was 5. It is hard to overstate the impact this has had on his confidence, self esteem, technical skills and love of the game. Total Soccer lives up to its name. It really is TOTAL training, from head to toes, in every technical and strategic aspect of soccer. The quality of the coaching is outstanding at every level - from the tiny Soccer Starters to the top level, college-bound high school seniors. Every class keeps all of the athletes fully engaged for the whole time and provides opportunities for individual, one-on-one and group drills and scrimmage. We are incredibly grateful to Total Soccer for providing our son with such a solid foundation of technical skills and love for the game. We recommend it without reservation." - Josh K
"I’ve been coming to Total Soccer since a young age, and am currently 13. My opinion is that it is very beneficial as a soccer player. All of the coaches are encouraging, and push you to get better. Of my time here, I’ve seen nothing but improvement in my foot skills and tactical awareness." - Cindy D
"Total Soccer has provided the foundation for my daughter to take her game to a whole new level. The trainers are able to provide 1:1 support to improve a player's skillset within a session, that would normally take a season to see results. We could not be any happier and always take advantage of their cost effective programs to keep my daughter sharp throughout the year. A++ in our book!" - Sharyn F
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Coaching Credentials: USSF “A” License; USYS National Youth License; NSCAA Advanced National Diploma