What Do Varsity Soccer Coaches Look For During Tryouts?

What Do Varsity Soccer Coaches Look For During Tryouts?

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Whether you’re a first-timer or have been through it before, varsity soccer tryouts can be a stressful experience. More than anything, you want to play for your varsity team. But what do varsity soccer coaches look for during tryouts?

You have speed, strength, and a positive attitude. However, when it comes to varsity soccer tryouts, there may be other things you can do to give yourself an edge.

Top Qualities Varsity Soccer Coaches Look for During Tryouts

At varsity soccer tryouts, coaches search for the best players to make the team as strong as possible. Sometimes, when a school team holds tryouts, the coaches already know the players who make up the core of their soccer team. Therefore, coaches use tryouts to find a few players that can fit with the rest of the squad. Of course, this may vary from one instance to another. However, once you know what coaches are looking for, you can display the skills and personality to help you make the team. 

As a local organization of soccer trainers in Warminster, PA, we have years of experience helping players and teams improve their skills. If you’re wondering what varsity soccer coaches look for during tryouts, keep reading for in-depth insight into key qualities.

Physical Ability

In order to compete at a high level, strength, speed, and conditioning are essential attributes for any soccer player. Ensuring your conditioning is at peak level is an excellent way to stand out from other players. 

When coaches notice you’re game-ready, they will respect your commitment to preparing for practice and games. An average player with excellent conditioning always catches a soccer coach’s eye.

Technical Ability

Additionally, coaches look at your technical ability, such as tapping and controlling the ball, dribbling, passing, and taking a shot. The coaching staff will also observe your soccer knowledge and instincts. 

Optimism and being a team player are vital, but technical skills are more difficult to find in soccer. So when your coach runs soccer drills during tryouts, this is the perfect opportunity to display some technical ability that can set you apart from the other players.


Physical and technical ability can take you a long way, but determination often separates the best players. A soccer coach wants and needs players they can depend on, so start with a positive attitude and don’t let minor critiques get you down during an evaluation. 

A determined soccer player will take constructive criticism and quicken their work rate to improve their skills. It’s one of the most important personality traits, not only in soccer but in real-life situations. 

High Soccer I.Q.

A soccer player with knowledge and tactical awareness during a match is valuable. Therefore, when preparing for high school soccer tryouts, it’s crucial to devote free time to studying how to play the game. 

You can watch professional soccer matches to see how the best players make decisions and play their positions. Then, when you attend varsity soccer tryouts, you can display your high soccer I.Q. for the coaches. 

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