3 Aspects of Luka Modrić’s Game that Every Young CM Should Practice

Luka Modrić was named the 2018 FIFA Player of the Year, becoming the first player not named Ronaldo or Messi to win the honor since Kaká took home the title in 2007. His combination of creativity, skill, intelligence, and vision have made him the ultimate central midfielder and a critical piece to the success of both Real Madrid and the Croatian National team.

For young central midfielders looking to master the position and develop the key skills necessary to compete at the highest levels, there is no better role model than Luka Modrić. His dedication to mastering his ball skills are evident each time he takes the pitch, while his purpose and vision frequently result in scoring opportunities for his teammates.

In this post, we’ll share with you the three core aspects of Luka Modrić’s game that help elevate his play to the next level, so that young players can begin learning these skills early and developing them as they grow and play at higher levels. Continue reading “3 Aspects of Luka Modrić’s Game that Every Young CM Should Practice”

3 Lessons to Learn from Ronaldo’s Game

Whether you love him or hate him, you have to respect Cristiano Ronaldo’s game.

One of the most talented players to ever take the pitch, Ronaldo has earned a reputation as a skilled, powerful goal-scorer whose deadly pace and incredible footwork make him a nightmare for any defending side.

For young soccer players looking to develop an elite style of play and take their games to the next level, Cristiano Ronaldo’s game offers many invaluable lessons. In this post, we’ll break down three of the biggest takeaways from the Portuguese striker’s play, so rising stars can begin to develop and apply these skills in their own games and dominate play as Ronaldo has throughout his career. Continue reading “3 Lessons to Learn from Ronaldo’s Game”

An Introduction to Tiki-Taka Soccer (Barcelona’s Style of Play)

FC Barcelona is a world-class organization that dominates their opponents by first controlling possession then making calculated passes to launch their attack. It is not unusual for Barcelona to keep the ball for minutes on end, sometimes making dozens of passes before attempting any sort of attacking ball movements. Continue reading “An Introduction to Tiki-Taka Soccer (Barcelona’s Style of Play)”